Cervical Spondylitis, Sciatica & Slip disc
surgeries can be avoided in 90% cases.

No Medicines - No Surgeries
Only Advanced Body Bio Mechanic Techniques for Permanent Healing

This verse from Upanishads truly defines our organization’s philosophy and our intent. We strongly relate to the deep meaning it holds, "That the universe or cosmos is whole and complete, hence even on taking away the Whole from the Whole, the Whole remains"

Newton’s principle "That energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred”, also aligns with this perfectly. We thereby aim at channelizing this energy which is present with in and around us to bring the mind, body and soul in perfect harmony.

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Cervical spondylosis

In neck pain cases excellent results are visible from the very first session.


This program restores your day-to-day working & makes you fit for adventure activities.


Neural Decompression therapy program' can permanently solve Pinched Sciatic Nerve.

Knee Jt Osteo Arthiritis

Our 'Arthritis-Reversal program' has saved thousands of Total-knee-replacement surgeries so far.

Frozen Shoulder

Unlock frozen shoulder with advance training at precise angles of the arm and shoulder.


Effective & permanent treatment of Migraine is possible with easy to do Migraine-Reversal-Programme


Cure diabetes & save yourself from it's side effects on nerves, kidneys, eyes, reproductive organs.

Cardiac Problems

Reverse coronary blockages, improve blood supply & prevent future heart attacks

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Dr Deepak Sachdeva's Medical Yoga Centre is among India's foremost institution for Holistic Treatment for different ailments and has received many accolades for it's exceptional work in past two decades of service. Today the institution is involved research work on lifestyle ailments and is actively contributing to the society by conducting regular seminars, Health talks, Treatment camps etc.

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Cervical Spine Health

Our vestibular system gives us our sense of balance, coordination, movement and posture. Its function is to detect the position and movement of our head in space. This allows for the coordination of eye movements, with posture and equilibrium. The

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A King’s Mattress

How to Sleep Like a King? We must have all read the story of The Princess & The Pea by Hans Christian Anderson. A princess was made to sleep on twenty mattresses covered with twenty quilts, but with a little pea placed at the very bottom. Did she get any sleep?

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Get your Pillow to Talk Right

So if you have neck pain and you are doubtful whether you should use a pillow at night or not, the solution is, when you lie down straight on your back, do not use a pillow. If you're habituated to using a pillow, I would recommend using as thin a pillow as possible,

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