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Dr. Deepak Sachdeva PhD

Our Founder and Director

Dr Deepak Sachdeva’s skills of human body bio-mechanics are exceptional. His understanding of the human body muscles, bones, joints, movements, their pathology and their restoration is exemplary.

His education makes him an expert on Body movements, what restricts the movements and how to restore them without any medicine. Being a sportsman and yoga practitioner since early childhood in around 1992 he naturally got inclined towards a carrier in sports and yoga. His education includes: Bachelor's in physical Edu, an yearlong Diploma in Yoga Education, P.GD inTherapeutic Restorative Yoga, Followed by M.Phil, an Honorary Doctorate from by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines for exceptional work done in the field of "Yoga therapy for Pain Relief" and PhD in Yoga in 2012.

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Dr Anagha Sudhir

Centre head

An Ayurvedic Doctor by profession and a compassionate healer. Dr Anagha from her 20s wanted to help people to heal from their health issues and that too without any medicine or surgery. She took up her main education as Ayurveda so, she can help people heal with natural herbs and techniques. Among her other responsibilities she is also responsible for recommending healthy, filling and nutritious weight-loss diet plans to the Saadhaks at Medical Yoga Centre. This is one of the three ‘treatment-pillars’ of recovery.

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Shashi Kala

Admin head

She is the back bone of Medical Yoga Centre and helps in smoothly running all the centre operations. Her dedication and energy is mesmerising and contagious. Her 24 by 7 devotion to the centre is beyond words. The way she handles the centres showed resilience , experience, knowledge and critical thinking . We are fortunate to have a caretaker like her.

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Veena Aggarwal

Senior therapist and Manager

B.A, M.A, L.L.b, B.Ed, Family Health Management Course, Medical Yoga Therapy Course.

As long are her qualifications so are her skills. As a Senior Therapist and Manager her healing hands works wonders on patients. Her care and detailed instructions for every technique makes her one of the most sought-after trainers at our centre.

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Rashoo Sachdeva

Advisor Courses

Connect people through powerful words-- words that explain, intrigue, excite, assure and inspire action. Specializations in communications Rashoo guides and nurtures yoga aspirants into future yoga therapists.

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Parul Narula

Technology Director

Masters in Computer Science and a Professional with leading IT/Telecom company is responsible for providing technological support for the organization.

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Sh. Sanjeev Sharma

Honorary Member & Advisor

After he got benefited from medical yoga techniques he has become an ambassador to promote health among the common public. His never ending endeavours have helped medical yoga therapy reach every corner of Delhi.

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Surinder nath

Advisor & ‘detoxification’ coordinator

He adds a new refreshing dimension to Medical Yoga centre by helping people ‘Detox’ or cleanse their internal systems.

Associated Panel of Doctors

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Dr. Manish Gupta

Laproscopic Sergoun, Bhatinda, Punjab.
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Dr. Anil Bindal

Cancer Research Dept, Max Hospital (X-medical supervisor AIIMS)
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Dr. Uma Ralhan BAMS

Bhatinda, Punjab
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Dr. Sadhna Sharma

MBBS, FGCP Dr. Praveen Medical centre, Delhi.
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Dr Ramakant Gupta

MBBS, MD Ortho, Delhi
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Dr. Praveen Sharma

MBBS, FGCP Dr Praveen Medical centre, Delhi.

Special Thanks To

Sh. Vishnu Sharma, Deepak Raj Gupta, Akhilesh Arora, Rakesh Bhutani, Saryu and Subbarao Verigonda, Arunesh Seth, Ms. Anil Gupta, Manish Raj, Anshu and Manish Chopra, Khushdeep Bansal, Prof. D.P. Choudhary, H.M. Bilani, Ms. Rachna Biyani, Ajay Bhai ji, Dr. Anita aggarwal, Satish Garg, Suresh Garg, Somesh Mittal, Krishan Aggarwal, Govind Aggarwal, Rajeev Garg, Sahil Khurana, Dr Subhash Aggarwal, Mohan Garg, Lalit Kumar Gupta, Pradeep Sharma, Pooja Goyal.