Cervical Spondylosis/ Spondylitis (Neck Pain)


This is what Mr Sharma said on the first day he met me in 2009.

"Take all my money and all my assets, but get rid of this Neck pain."

Understanding how debilitating neck pain can be in one's life was heartbreaking to see.

Mr Sharma had to move back to India from Australia because of his neck and back pain he was unable to continue his work as an IT-related work, which involved long hours of sitting and working on a computer.

After working there for almost 20 years Mr Sharma was only 45 years old when he decided to move back to India from Canberra, Australia. It was the toughest decision of his life to move back when his life was set and his wife and two young kids were also settled in that lifestyle.

It all started with some discomfort in his neck and shoulders. He saw doctors in Australia who diagnosed it as cervical spondylosis and recommended physiotherapy and medicines. The pain subsided, but it returned after a few weeks. The medicines didn't work this time, so he tried chiropractic therapy and osteopathy. They worked for a while, and the pain would resurface now and then. This went on for two years before it became permanent. Home remedies and daily visits to the physiotherapist also didn’t work and Mr Sharma started taking medical leaves from work.

He took the difficult decision and moved back to India, got his kids admitted to a school in Delhi, and decided to start a business with his savings. The promising life in Australia for him and his kids was left behind because of his neck pain.

 His friend recommended him to visit the center and I remember him coming to me on the first day, in severe pain that was not only limited to his neck but also in the middle and lower back. After taking his medical history, looking at his x-ray reports, and making a detailed clinical assessment, I prescribed him a sequence of medically designed and modified therapeutic Medical Yoga exercises.

 He started treatment immediately. Every morning, he would be standing outside the center before I could reach him. I noticed an improvement in the range of motion of his neck, and shoulders, in the very first week. In the second week, He said the pain was gone, and he could now drive and spend his day without painkillers. He asked me if he could consider doing some sitting work again in his life, and my quick response was, "Yes, you can start from today, but for two hours. Remember to follow the DS 30-30 principle."

 Gradually, it increased to 8 hours of sitting work in the next 15 days. Now, the most awaited question came up. He asked me, 'Can I think of returning to Australia and doing my work again without recurrence of pain?' My answer was, 'Yes, you can.' I still remember the twinkle in his eyes and his tight hug.

I told him I was available for Skype video calls in case you needed my help. Carry these Medical Yoga props with you, do your sequence every day when you are back from work, and follow all the instructions I have given to you. 

He did exactly that, and it's no surprise that Mr Sharma is in Australia today (2024), working in a full-day IT job, his daughter is now married. In these years he has conducted Medical Yoga therapy camps in Australia over 15 times. 

 And yes the offer he gave me on the first day was politely turned down but I did get something more than my professional fee, A good lifelong friend.



Should you join?

  • Yes! If you are taking any medicines for neck pain relief (or giddiness, muscle spasm, nerves)
  • Yes! If you are recommended to undergo a cervical surgery
  • Yes! If you are told that your nerve is pinched.
  • Yes! If you are told that you have swelling in the nerve
  • Yes! If you are told that your cervical disc is bulging/ protruding/ herniating.
Or your MRI/ x ray reads any of this: 
  • “loss of cervical lordosis (curvature)”
  • ”Osteophytes”
  • “Reduced Inter vertebral Disc space”
  • “Rudimentary Ribs”
  • Muscle spasm” etc.
Or you have any of the following Symptoms
  • Neck pain (may radiate to the arm/s or shoulder)
  • Loss of sensation or abnormal sensations in the shoulders, arms, or legs (not often)
  • Weakness and pain in the arms
  • Loss of grip
  • Stiffness in the neck that progressively worsens
  • Loss of balance
  • Headaches, particularly in the back of the head
  • Sensation of vomiting
  • Heaviness in eyes
  • Blurring of the vision
  • Drowsiness
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Medical Yoga Therapy for Neck Pain - A Robust Cure Medical Yoga Centre is known for it’s results. Our special M.Y. Techniques are excellent in cervical decompression, mobilization, cervical plexus normalization and re-aligning the cervical spine and shoulders.

M Y Techniques are technical yet simple. Results are visible form the first 30 min of the therapy and keeps improving with every session.

A very important feature of the M Y Techniques is that you can practice some of it at home as well and save your precious time and visits. It’s aimed at relieving the pain, strengthening of the entire cervical region & restore the natural behavior of the cervical region. All of this is achieved without any medicine, injection, surgery or even any ointment. It’s all done by the natural healing M Y Techniques based on the DS 3Phase permanent recovery method.

Results you should expect
  • Relieved stiffness from the back of the Neck and Head.
  • Relieved stiffness from the Shoulders and Arms.
  • Decompression of the nerves.
  • Decompression of the blood vessels supplying blood to the arm and head.
  • Relief in Nausea,
  • Headache,
  • Heaviness in eyes and Head
  • Giddiness
  • Restoration of the correct posture of the upper spine.
  • Round shoulder deformity is correction.
  • Strengthened neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy levels
  • Restores the movement of the Neck and arms

There are two ways to go ahead:

1.   1. Gain knowledge from this write-up and start following the correct lifestyle and continue with your ongoing therapy near you.

2.   OR

3.   2. Book a Consultation with Dr Deepak Sachdeva and understand how he can help you get rid of your pain, Permanently.

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Cervical Spondylitis ID no: P3213/camp/28


Patient’s details: Praveen Arya (name changed) Gender/Age: Female / 50 yearsPatient joined Medical Yoga sessions for 7 days at a special camp. She was asked to attend the sessions for 1 hour every day and was given sequence of 2 asanas for home practice 10 mins each.

Signature sequence of DS 3Phase method was followed during the therapy sessions:
  • Expected Results: Relieved stiffness from the cervical region especially from the back of neck and head. Decompression of the nerves and blood vessels supplying blood to the brain. Which then gives immediate relief in symptoms such as vomiting, headache, heaviness in eyes, giddiness etc.

Thereafter the progress made during 7 days of Medical Yoga sessions is given below.

BEFORE the Treatment
  • Pain in Neck
  • Pain in shoulders
  • Radiating pain in arm
  • Heaviness behind the head
  • Giddiness and vomiting sensation
  • Vertin 16
  • Pain blocker
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Antacid
AFTER the Treatment
  • Almost relieved
  • Almost relieved
  • 90% okay
  • Completely relieved
  • Completely relieved
  • Medicines not needed any more
  • Vertin-16 Stopped on day 3
  • P. blocker stopped on day 1
  • Muscle relaxant and Antacid
  • stopped on day 1

Pain in shoulders and upper back. Has learnt the asanas, and if she regularly does them she will be completely fine soon Patient is advised to continue practicing the taught asanas for another 1 month at her home.

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Check-In our routine for the possible trigger of your neck pain:
  • Wrong posture
  • Long drives
  • Using high/hard pillow while sleeping
  • Wearing heavy ornaments
  • Wrong Breastfeeding posture
  • Using computer for over 30 mins at a stretch
  • Over use of mobile phones causes a muscular imbalance in the shoulder joint and can lead to cervical spondylitis.
  • Trauma or injury to the neck
  • Frozen shoulder can also cause neck pain
  • Cold temperatures
  • Hyperacidity directly triggers neck pain
  • Stress
  • Lack of vitamin D and calcium
  • Faulty diet
  • Muscular imbalance (like using computer on the same side on your desk for many years).

These reasons may lead to loss of cervical curvature (Cervical Lordosis), Slip-Disc / disc bulge/herniation or prolapse, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis of the facet joints, Osteophytes, etc. These can be seen as identified by an expert in clinical examination to some extent and for detailed diagnosis, X-rays and MRI may be required. ‘DS Self-assessment Method’ can help you understand how many sessions are needed for your permanent recovery.