Seminar by Dr. Deepak Sachdeva

Do you want to conduct a meaningful and Life-long-useful seminar for your group?
Want to do something Good for the society?
Then this is ‘THE’ seminar you should think of “How to Stay active for 100 years” by Dr Deepak Sachdeva PhD

This is one of the most loved and sought after seminars of Dr Deepak Sachdeva in India and Australia since 2005. This seminar covers a variety of simple-to-follow health tips and easy-to-do lifestyle corrections.

Dr Deepak Sachdeva is a renowned Medical Yoga Expert and one of the most sought after speakers on health related seminars. He has delivered live seminars in Singapore, Australia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai. He has also delivered online seminars in USA, South Africa, Germany and in different parts of Australia.

His positive vibes and words don’t only establish him as a powerful Orator but also a deep motivator.

He has delivered talks and conducted workshops at different universities, companies, Govt organisations, hospitals in India and Australia. He has effectively addressed the gatherings of as small as 10 sitting in living room to as large as 4000 people in a stadium.

Some of his clients include Airport Authority of India, President’s House India, Australian Capital Territory Govt Office, Canberra, Australia, Raj Bhawan, Mizoram, Canberra Hospital, Australia to name a few.

He is a lifestyle expert with modern and practical outlook. He believes Mobility is the Litmus test of your health in your old age. You should be mobile till the last day of your life. If you are mobile and not dependent on anyone in the later age is probably the most important criteria that you are FIT…

Helping people to stay fit for 100 years is his motto. And his talks are designed around what mistakes people usually do that adversely effects their mobility in later life.

For eg driving a car with your right foot rotated outwards may lead to Osteo arthritis of the knee joint and lower back pain. So, what’s the correct position, what can you do to prevent it?

As widely believed, “drinking two glasses of water as first thing in the morning is good” but, it may not be good for you. What’s the exact amount of water you should take? At what time you should take?

To keep your neck healthy forever should you use a pillow while sleeping or you shouldn’t?

How to sleep in the flight without straining your neck?

Make analysis of your body type according to Ayurveda and understand which food do you like and why? What food you should eat and what you should avoid? Why do you think in a typical way and what’s your mental strength? How does you put on weight quickly and find it difficult to shed it off? Understand all of this in a crisp and power packed seminar with Dr Deepak Sachdeva.

For more details or to book a date and time please email at info@medicalyoga.
in or call Anamika at +91-9891243444.

International TV and Radio programmes

• Showbiz TV, UK, 26 episodes of one hour each. series – 1 2015
• Life Mantra, Australia, 26 episodes of one hour each. series -1 2016
• Radio 2XX, Australia Sep-10
• SBS Radio, Australia Mar-10
• Radio Manpasand Australia Mar-10
• Radio Manpasand Australia Sep-10
• Radio Manpasand Australia Apr-15
• Radio Manpasand Australia Apr-15
• Radio Manpasand Australia Mar-16
• Radio Manpasand Australia Sep-16
• Radio Bangla Australia Mar-16
• Radio Punjabi Australia Mar-16
• Radio China Australia Mar-16
• Radio Manpasand Australia Mar-17
• Radio Manpasand Australia Nov-17
• Radio Manpasand Australia Nov-17
• Radio Darpan Australia Nov-17
• Radio Mahak Australia Nov-17
• SBS Radio, Australia Nov-17
• SBS Radio, Australia Nov-17
• SBS Radio, Australia Nov-17

List of International Camps, Events, Workshops and Seminar

• Integrated culture Australian Capital Territory 0/10
• HTCC temple, Canberra, Australia presentation on Yoga Therapy 03/10
• Sessions for different ailments 03/10
• Session for treating cervical spondylitis through Medical yoga 03/10

• Seminar cum workshop on Anti-aging 03/10
• Seminar cum workshop for inch-loss 03/10
• Health talk & practical session for heart patients 03/10
• Health talk followed by workshop on diabetes 03/10
• Seminar cum workshop for 'yoga for seniors' 03/10
• Seniors health and wellbeing programme, funded by the Australian Govt. 03/10
• open yoga session at Florey, Canberra, Australia 03/10
• Senior citizens association, Canberra, Australia 03/10
• FINACT, Canberra, Australia 03/10
• Yoga for Anti-Aging, Canberra ,Australia 09/10
• yoga for alleviating lower back pain Canberra Australia 09/10
• yoga for health Canberra Australia 09/10
• yoga in office chair Canberra Australia 09/10
• general yoga medically designed Canberra Australia 09/10
• Employees of ACT, Government of Australia 09/10
• CIC, Canberra, Australia 03/10
• CIC, Canberra , Australia 09/10
• Senior citizens association, Canberra , Australia 09/10
• FINACT, Canberra , Australia 09/10
• India Australia association of Canberra , Australia 09/10
• Karnataka association of Canberra , Australia 09/10
• YogaLIfe, Canberra , Australia 09/10
• YogaLIfe, Canberra , Australia 09/10
• Sunday big hall yoga classes, Florey, Canberra, Australia
09/10 • yoga for face lift 09/10
• yoga for Anti-aging 09/10
• yoga for sports persons 09/10
• how to keep fit in long sitting job 09/10
• yoga for alleviating neck and shoulder pain 09/10
• yoga for seniors 09/10
• Australian capital territory Government 09/10
• Integrated culture ACT 09/10
• Multicultural office, Canberra 09/10
• GOPIO 09/10
• Florey big hall yoga classes 03/14
• yoga for knee pain relief 03/14
• yoga for healthy heart and controlling diabetes 03/14
• stress management workshop 03/14
• yoga for seniors 03/14
• yoga for anti aging 03/14
• 5 min fitness sequence in office chair 03/14
• Sydney group of people 03/14
• Florey big hall yoga class 09/14
• 5 min fitness sequence in office chair 09/14
• stress management workshop 09/14
• yoga for seniors 09/14
• yoga for anti aging 09/14
• Sydney group of people 09/14
• Canberra India council 09/14
• Integrated culture ACT 09/14
• Royal commonwealth 03/14
• Florey big hall yoga classes 03/15
• Initiatives for women in need 03/15
• FINACT 03/15
• Yoga Asutralia, 04/15
• Luciana's Om shanti college, Canberra 04/15
• Department of human services, Canberra 04/15
• Sydney group of people 04/15
• GOPIO 04/15
• Senior citizens association 04/15
• Canberra India council 04/15
• Om Shanti college talk 04/15
• Indian senior association of act 04/15
• Mowson temple, Canberra 04/15
• CIC, Canberra 04/15
• Mowson 04/15
• Yoga Australia 03/16
• NATA 03/16
• sports association of Canberra 03/16
• "How to live for 100 years" seminar & workshop, Nancy Williams from Yoga Australia 03/16
• CIC, Canberra 10/16
• Telugu association of Canberra 10/16
• ISC, Pendle hills presentation on effects of yoga 10/16
• Mowson temple health talk 10/16
• ISC, Parramatta, how to stay fit health talk 10/16
• Leg pain and Diabetes workshop, ISC, Parramatta, Sydney 10/16
• Ghanghalin library, Canberra, Australia 10/16
• GOPIO org, Canberra, Australia 10/16
• Telugu association of Canberra, Australia 03/17
• Engineers Australia, Canberra, Australia 03/17
• Vishnu shiva mandir, Canberra, Australia 03/17
• CIC, Canberra 03/17
• Chinese Seniors group at Community centre, New South Wales 03/17
• Hornsby, NSW, Seniors group, health tips and workshop, Sydney 03/17
• Franklin public school, franklin, Canberra 03/17
• Indian support centre, Sydney 03/17
• Franklin primary school, Canberra, Australia 03/17
• Cannivale, Perth 04/17
• Burrendah bvd, Willetton, Perth, Australia 04/17
• Perth western Australia org 04/17
• Perth, Sikh temple 04/17
• Perth Hindu temple 04/17
• Perth ISKON 04/17
• Sri Mandir, Auburn, NSW 11/17
• Canberra India council, Sydney 11/17
• Monarco estate residents yoga camp, Sydney 11/17
• Yoga for doctors, Sydney 11/17
• Yoga for all, Sydney 11/17
• Correct postural training trough yoga, Sydney 11/17
• How to stay fit for 100 years, Sydney 11/17
• Easy to follow dos and don’ts in daily life to stay fit, Sydney 11/17
• Yoga for improved circulation in legs, Sydney 11/17
• Yoga workshop, Pendle hill, Sydney 11/17
• Medical yoga workshop, Sydney 11/17
• Healthy diet and yogasanas, ISC, Sydney 11/17
• Lavender lane child care centre, Canberra 12/17
• CIC, Canberra 12/17
• Lavender lane childcare centre Canberra, Australia 12/17
• St. Merrylands, PECOSA Australia, 12/17
• Mandir society of Australia 12/17
• workshop for 'Yoga with Mallika' yoga centre, Canberra 12/17
• NutriYoga, Bonner, Canberra 12/17
• New south wales Hindi association, Pemulwuy, NSW 12/17
• Wentworth Ville centre, NSW 12/17
• Bur Dubai, Dubai 09/16
• Downtown, Singapore 12/17
• Kuala Lampur Malaysia 12/17

Online seminars, consultations, health talks in different parts of the world:

• California, USA 07/15
• Frankfurt, Germany 07/15
• London 04/16
• Gold coast, Australia 09/17
• Brisbane, Australia 09/17
• Vienna, Austria 03/17
• Centurion, Johannesburg, South Africa 09/17
• Centurion, Johannesburg, South Africa 01/18
• California, USA 02/18

Training the trainers:

Dr. Deepak Sachdeva strives to train budding yoga aspirants and trainers by providing specially designed courses in ‘Yogic Anatomy and Kinesiology’ and ‘Therapeutic Restorative yoga’.

His yoga anatomy co-relations are respected and applauded by the Howard University Professors as well.

Over 75 Yoga therapists across the globe and hundreds of Yoga Anatomy experts from UK, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Australia, Nepal, USA, Germany, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Poland etc are trained since 2009.


Excorts India ltd, Faridabad Sep-04 2005
Camp at modern diagnostic, Kamla nagar 2005
Rotary inner wheel, south ex 2006
camp at Parmanand Hospital 2006
ESI Dispensary, Raghubeer Nagar 2006
Rotary, Hyatt 2007
ESI Dispensary, raghubeer nagar 2007
Camp for neck pain at satyawati colony 2009
Dhruv global ltd, Faridabad Jan-10
Camp at Arya samaj mandir, Madan park 2011
Surya roshni, Delhi Nov-12
Sangh karyakarta meet, palla sept2013
MDINY, guest trainer for yoga certificate programme, Delhi 2013
Aron Builders, Delhi 2013
Coach leadership centre, Punjabi bhawan 2013
International Naturopathy organization 2014
International Naturopathy organization 2014
International Naturopathy organization 2014
IMS Gaziabad 2014
Lions club Rani bagh 2014
Lions club civil lines 2014
Coach leadership centre 2014
M2K Rohini, chetna centre for business excellence 2014
Crown plaza, Rohini, chetna centre for business excellence 2014
East Delhi, chetna centre for business excellence 2014
Hissar, chetna centre for business excellence 2014
Chetna centre for business excellence 2014
DoPT, Govt. of India Jun-14
DoPT, Govt. of India Jul-14
Health talk, Jaidev Park Jul-14
Health talk, Jaidev Park Dec-14
Mahila morcha BJP, Chattarpur Oct-14
Training the therapists, SYTA, Pune 2014
Coach leadership centre, DDU road 2015
Shri jagannath mandir trust, Rohini 2105
India habitat centre, Delhi 2015
United nations Development program, Delhi 2015
Ministry of of Pensions & Public Grievances, Govt. of India 2015
Chetna centre for business excellence Jun-15
Health talk on healthy buckle cavity Nov-15
Health talk on healthy GIT Jan-15
Health talk on healthy diet Feb-15
Health talk on yoga vs exercise May-15
Health talk on cleansing of intestines Jun-15
health talk on cleansing liver Jul-15
health talk on cleansing kidney Aug-15

National TV and Radio programmes:

Loksabha TV 15 episodes on different health topics 2015-19
Janta tv 26 episodes on different health topics 2015-17
Airtel Fitness Studio TV 26 Episodes on different health topics Sahara Samay
NDTV, Fit rahe India, 15 Episodes on different health topics 2015-18

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