Slip Disc (Disc Bulge/ Herniation/ Protrusion)

A common condition which refers to a problem with a rubbery Jelly-like disc between the spinal bones (Vertebrae).

This condition occurs when the center fluid of a spinal disc pushes through a crack in the tougher exterior made-up of fibres.

Some herniated discs cause no symptoms. Others can irritate nearby nerves and result in pain, numbness or weakness in region of the irritated/ pinched/ compressed nerve. This pressure can be effectively released with medical yoga techniques.


Common Reasons you should know

In daily life there are many reasons which can cause or trigger an old hidden slipped disc and cause lower back pain or sciatic pain. These reasons are:

  • Lifting heavy weights
  • High heels
  • Flat sole footwear (without cushion)
  • Cold temperatures (cause muscle spasm and trigger an old hidden slipped disc)
  • Long drive
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Weakness due to fasting/menstruation/low or high blood pressure
  • Prolonged standing
  • Prolonged sitting (specially without back support)
  • Muscular stiffness
  • Epidural injection during delivery
  • Driving scooter/bike (with poor shock absorption)
  • Jerk to the spine
  • Keeping feet in 'V' shape when standing, walking or running.
  • Over Weight
  • Overall body weight is in normal range but the tummy is Protruding
  • Lack of tone in the abdominal muscles (in females, specially post-delivery)
  • Faulty diet

Any one of the above mentioned reasons can be the cause or trigger for the lower back pain. Make your check list and try to eradicate as many of them as possible. Medical Yoga therapy for slipped disc can be of immense help for you and it is the ultimate solution for disc-decompression. You can completely recover from your Slip/ herniated /protruding disc problem and Dr Deepak Sachdeva will also give you some practical tips which you can follow at your workplace or at home so that it will never reoccur in the future.

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Who should join the treatment sessions
  • If you have acute/ chronic back pain
  • If you have on and off back pain
  • If you have pain radiating down in your leg/s.
  • If you have problem bending forward or backward.
  • If you have a pinched nerve (nerve compression)
  • If you have sciatica (pain in leg/s)
  • If you are advised to undergo surgery
  • If you have swelling in the lower back
  • If you have pain in your hip joint/s.
  • If you can’t stand for long time due to back pain
Or you have any of the following Symptoms
  • Lower Back pain (which may radiate down to the hips and leg/s)
  • Reduced sensation/ abnormal sensation in the Lower Back/ hips/ legs
  • Weakness and in the Leg/s
  • Loss of muscle mass in the leg/s
  • Stiffness in lower back that progressively worsens
  • Loss of balance
Or your MRI/ x ray report have any of these:
  • loss of Lumbar lordosis (curvature)
  • Osteophytes”
  • Reduced Inter vertebral Disc space”
  • Disc-Bulging/ Disc Herniation/ Disc Protrusion/ Disc Desiccation”
  • Compression of the exiting nerve root”
  • Indenting the thecal sac”
  • Canal Stenosis”
  • Muscle spasm”
  • Spondylosis” or “Listhesis”
Who should not join the treatment sessions:
  • In case of bladder incontinence
  • In case of bowel incontinence
  • If you have grade-3 (fairly advance) foot drop.
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Medical Yogic Therapy for Slip Disc (Disc Bulge/ Herniation/ Protrusion) - A Robust Cure

Medical Yoga Centre is known for its results. Our special M.Y. Techniques are excellent in Lumbar Disc-decompression, restoring the muscle balance around spine, re-aligning the Lumbar curvature and relieving pinched nerve.

M Y Techniques are technical yet simple. Results are visible form the first Session and keeps improving with every passing session.

A very important feature of the M Y Techniques is that you can practice some of it at home as well and save your precious time and visits. It’s aimed at relieving the pain, strengthening of the entire Lumbar region & restore the natural behaviour of the Lumbar region. All of this is achieved without any medicine, injection, surgery or even any ointment. It’s all done by the natural M Y Techniques.

A special sequence comprising of medically modified asanas is designed for the patient.

This sequence is then done with the help of yoga props. We use props which are commonly available at home like pillows, chairs, stools etc.

Props are appropriately used to make the 'Saadhaka' comfortable and gain from the posture. The asanas are aimed at relieving the pain and strengthening the area to cure the ailment.

Medical Yoga Therapy addresses all these problems through medically designed asana sequence for recovering from Slip Disc (Disc Bulge/ Herniation/ Protrusion).

Results you should expect
  • Muscle of the lower back are relaxed
  • Lumbar muscles are strengthened to stop any future reoccurrences
  • Releases disc compression
  • Spinal tilt to one side is corrected
  • Forward bending curvature is corrected
  • Muscular spasm is relieved
  • muscular balance between the right and left side of the body is restored
  • muscle balance between the front and back side of the body is restored
  • Overall health and flexibility of the spine is improved
  • Stress management
  • Lumbar curvature is corrected.
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