About Us

We are known for our results. From over one and a half dacade of our operations we have successfully treated over 15,000 patients and have conducted session in over 5 countries. People from all walks of life have taken our services ranging from the President’s house of India, Australian Capital Territory assembly of Canberra, Australia, celebs from Bollywood to the common people from all across the globe.

about yoga

Through Medical Yoga™ a blend of ‘Modern Science’ and ‘Hatha Yog’, a more holistic and scientific approach has been derived. Medical Yoga traces its roots to B.K.S Iyengar’s philosophy, which was further refined by Acharya Yogananda (aka Dr. Shreekant Karandikar) one of his key disciples.

The modern diagnostic techniques the like M.R.I films, X-rays, blood tests, ultrasound, C.T scans etc. are used to identify the medical condition, which is then treated with body bio-mechanics based, medically designed, yoga and exercise sequence.

Results are visible from the very first session of the treatment in most of the cases.

We also provide yoga programs for general well-being and preventive care as it enables every part of us to follow its ‘Swa-darma’ or ‘defined action’. Thus, through our centre for Medical Yoga we endeavour to unleash this divine treasure for all and see more smiling faces in the world around us.