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Dr. Deepak Sachdeva

Medical Yoga Expert
17 years
Bachelor of Physical Education, Dip. Yoga Edu, P.G.D. in Therapeutic Restorative Yoga, M.Phil, PhD (yoga)
Medical yoga expert , Body cleansing expert, Longevity Expert.
Founder & Director Medical Yoga Centres.
President, Medical Yoga Association Life member, Indian Yoga Association, Life member Sunjeevan Yoga Therapist Association.
Pain relief without medicine.
Training people in human body biomechanics in relation to Yoga asanas.


As I look back from here, I am able to connect the dots that have actually shaped my being!

As a child I naturally got inclined to sports and my early passion then guided me to take further education in this field. After studying yoga for three years in graduation, I completed Diploma in Yoga Education from University of Amravati where I learnt classical yoga for another one year.

Till then I was only following my instincts. But surprisingly when one aligns with his inner calling all means to get to the destination automatically follow.

So I got the priviledge of taking a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Therapeutic Restorative Yoga from Dr Karandikar's Kabir bagh Math Sanstha, Pune.

Aachrya Yoganand alias Dr S.V. Karandikar (MBBS) is the senior disciple of Guru Ji - Sh. B.K.S. Iyengar and has practiced with him for more than 12 years. With the blessings of guruji he started applying therapeutic yogic techniques on patients. Thus Acharya ji (Dr Karandikar) refined the system and developed new stretches with various belts and straps. This system is called as ‘Sunjeevan Yoga’. Medical Yoga is hence our trade mark, for easier understanding of patients especially from overseas.

With Acharyaji, learning the art of manoeuvring with belts and simple props to cure the most severe bodily disorders was overwhelming.

While pursuing the course in Pune I also got the priviledge of attending few sessions on Iyengar Yoga as well at Guruji's ashram.

On the basis of the PGD I got admission in Vinayaka Missions University, TN for doing M.Phil. After this Indian Board of Alternative Medicines awarded me the Honorary doctorate [Ph.D (Honoris)] for exceptional work done in the field of "Yoga therapy for Pain relief” that has enabled me to pursue a career in Medical YogaTM.

Highly motivated and determined to make a difference I approached one of the most renowned hospitals in Delhi to start my career. They agreed to offer me a role with their Orthopedic department. With a humble beginning, finally twelve patients were treated in the first month stint. At month end, when it was time for remuneration to all the hard work, the director called for a meeting. Confident of the results, I reached his office and awaited those first words of appreciation. Sadly, the Director instead of acknowledging, highlighted the losses that the department made on account of Knee surgeries that were avoided due to Medical YogaTM therapies.

It was a moment of mixed feelings – the achievement was commendable but with no buy-in!

Few occasions in life are most decisive and I now realize that this was one. So this event gave birth to the new centre for propagating Medical YogaTM in Delhi. Since then there has been no stopping as each day has been more and more enriching and rewarding.

And after all, there is no greater joy than being able to share even a small part of what God has gifted us with...


Dr. Deepak Sachdeva

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