Frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)



When I used to do only Home visits in the year 2005 S. Garg called up and explained his problem of frozen shoulder which was not getting solved even after 6 months of regular treatment.


I met him at his office and his arm had become almost handicapped. He was unable to eat his meals from his hand. He thought he had become physically challenged for a lifetime and would never gain control over his hand again, as he had lost hope after visiting numerous doctors, physios, and chiropractors.


Initially, he started these sessions with me at his office half-heartedly as he had already taken treatment from the famous doctors.

However, within the first week, he could see an increase in the range of motion of his shoulder joint. Then, he fully and eagerly started following every word, instruction, and precaution that was given to him for the next three months. Within this period, his range of motion was restored to 150 degrees, which was only 25° before the treatment started.


The transformation from 25 to 150 degrees, achieving a pain-free condition, and experiencing mental satisfaction that his hand/arm was no longer handicapping him made him one of the strongest promoters of Medical Yoga techniques.


Today in the year '24 It's been almost 20 years, and he has become one of the strongest propogators of these Medical Yoga therapy techniques, having already sent over 100 people to benefit from it.

You should join the treatment sessions if you and any one of these symptoms
  • If you have shoulder pain
  • If you have a reduced range of motion of the arm
  • If you have stiffness in the neck, shoulder, and arm
  • If you are unable to comb your hair or tie the strap at the back
  • If you are unable to sleep on the side
  • If you wake up at night due to pain
  • If you are advised to take an injection in the shoulder joint
  • If you are taking pain blockers (Pain killers) pills
  • If you are advised to take steroids
  • if you are recommended for physiotherapy sessions
  • If the pain is radiating down in your arm
  • If you see there is difference between the muscle-loss of right and left shoulder
  • If you have a history of cervical spondylitis (Neck Pain)
  • Immediately join treatment sessions if you are suffering from it from more than one year
Or should join treatment if your x rays/ MRI reads any of the following:
  • Periarthritis
  • thickening of the joint capsule
  • reduced joint space
  • partial tear
  • full thickness tear
  • edema
  • Adhesive capsulitis

All of these are regular findings in a frozen shoulder case and can be very effectively treated or cured from the root.

M Y Therapy

Medical Yoga Centre is known for its results. Our special M.Y. Techniques are excellent for unlocking the Frozen Shoulder, restoring the Range, muscle balance around shoulder joint, and relieving all the pain and stiffness.

M Y Techniques are technical yet simple. Results are visible form the very first Session and keep improving with every passing session. On the first day we do a special test for the assessment of the Range of Motion of the shoulder joint. This is recorded in your card. The test is done again after the session is over to confirm the positive results. This test is done complimentary with the consultation.

A very important feature of the M Y Techniques is that you can practice many M Y techniques at home after a few sessions. This saves your precious time and visits.

All of this is achieved without any medicine, injection, surgery or even any ointment. It’s all done by the natural, quick, easy to do, M Y Techniques. Pain is relieved, entire shoulder and neck region is strengthened and the natural behaviour of the shoulder girdle is restored.

Results you should expect
  • Quick relief from the shoulder pain, neck pain and upper arm pain
  • Increased range of motion of the arm from the first session
  • Relief in stiffness of the neck and shoulder both
  • No pain at night
  • Improved sleep quality
  • No need of any pain blockers (Pain killers), injection or steroids
  • Restoration of the Muscle-mass of the effected shoulder
  • Muscle strengthening around the shoulder girdle
  • Relieved cervical spondylitis (Neck Pain)
  • Regain strength in the arm
  • Restored flexibility of the joint capsule
  • Reduced stress/ mental tension
What happens in Frozen Shoulder

In simple words the elasticity of the rubber-like joint capsule is lost, reducing mobility. It commonly affects people aged between 40 and 60 years, and it is more likely in women than in men. It can affect one or both shoulders. Feeling of being handicapped is one of the worst experiences of life and Frozen Shoulder makes you live that until you get the right treatment.

Common Reasons you should know

Frozen shoulder without any known cause can start with pain. Pain may or may not have any specific point. There are two main reasons to Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

  • Diabetes
  • Injury or jerk to the shoulder joint

Many times there is no cause for this inflammation. However, there are some conditions which might be associated to Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) but there is very less evidence to establish a direct link. These conditions are:

  • Cervical disc disease of the neck
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Shoulder surgery (this may lead to a very stiff shoulder which may give symptoms like a frozen shoulder but it may not be frozen shoulder)
Tips by Dr Deepak Sachdeva

‘Movement of the arm’ is the key to unlock the Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis). Remember to move your arm in whatever capacity you can throughout the day for faster recovery. Immobility of the arm in the shoulder joint leads to increased stiffness. Movement increases the ‘heat’ in the joint which is exactly your ‘Frozen’ Shoulder is asking you for. So move your arm as frequently as possible to the maximum range of motion you can.

Give external heat for quick relief. Sit in the sun or when you are sitting in your office chair let the sunlight fall on your shoulder through the window. Pour warm water on your shoulder when you are bathing.

The easiest way to give heat during the day is to use an electric heating belt of extra-large size around your shoulder. It takes the shape of your shoulder and covers it from all the four sides (front, top, back and side). It can also be used at night when you wake up due to pain. But be cautious to switch it off before falling asleep again.

Come and learn your quick and easy to do M.Y sequence asap to eliminate the pain from the root.

Frozen Shoulder of right shoulder Joint ID No: 2305/PBC/09


Patient’s details: Roshan Singh (name changed)

Gender/Age: Male / 48 years

Complaints: Patient came with the symptoms of restricted RoM of the right shoulder joint, pain and stiffness extending upto the Occiput region and Vertebral border of Scapula and the insertion of the Deltoid muscle on the Humerous. Disturbed sleep at night due to pain.

Previous and present treatment: Undergoing Physiotherapy sessions. Taking muscle relaxants, antacids and pain blockers (SOS).

Advised: She was asked to attend the sessions for 1 hour every day for 7 days initially and the practice the sequence at home for three months.

Shoulder joint Range of Motion Assessment is done on day one and recorded in the card. Next assessment scheduled on the 7 th day of the treatment.

A patient specific towel support for the neck and shoulder is advised.

Sequence prescribed for reliving Shoulder pain:
  • Shoulder girdle reliever for releasing superior and inferior muscle groups
  • Easy joint capsule stretch 1 for releving pressure on the jont
  • Easy joint capsule stretch 2 for relieving stiffness and pain from the anterior shoulder girdle
  • Easy joint capsule stretch 3 for relieving stiffness and pain from the posterior shoulder girdle
  • Deep muscle relaxer of reducing stress
  • DIY sequence for the day
Progress made during 7 days of M.Y. sessions is given below.
BEFORE the Treatment AFTER the Treatment
Abduction 80’ Abduction 105’
Flexion 101’ Flexion 120’
Extention 15’ Extention 20’
Hor. Abduction 85’ Hor. Abduction 110
Lateral Rotation 10’ Lateral Rotation 16’
Pain while sleeping at night Able to sleep better at night.
Joint Pain ++++ Reduced considerably ++
Stiffness ++++ Reduced considerably ++




Suresh Garg, M/45 yrs, Businessman, Delhi:

“I was completely devastated with pain and the feeling of being a handicap. I took me three months of regular exercise to get out this condition completely. Now after 15 years of recovery i still haven’t forgotten these painful nights before starting treatment with Dr Deepak Sachdeva. I am thankful to him from the deepest core of my heart for the pain-relief within the first week of my treatment. I haven’t experienced any pain of stiffness again since then.”

Sunita Bansal, F/49 yrs, I.T professional, Sydney:

“The excruciating pain of the shoulder had put a big question mark on my professional carrier I wasn’t able to type, wasn’t able to push open the door I had to call for help to keep files in an overhead cupboard. Cooking food at home was equally painful because keeping utensils on the cooktop wasn’t easy. To my surprise all the pain and agony ended within two weeks of following M. Y. Sequence. It was like a nightmare got over. I did continue my sequence for another couple of months to restore the normal range but this was easy and it later encouraged me to do regular fitness exercises as well. I highly recommend everyone suffering from Frozen Shoulder to learn your Customised sequence soon with Dr Deepak.”