Hyper acidity /GORD /Acid Reflux/ Gastritis

Hyperacidity, also known as gastritis or acid reflux, is the inflammation of the stomach’s lining that is usually caused by bacterial infection or other unhealthy lifestyle habits like Smoking, caffeine (tea /Coffee), Carbonated water, Chocolates, chillies, hard spices, alcohol consumption etc.

It may occur suddenly (acute) or appear slowly over time (chronic). It is also believed that indigestion may lead to almost all the illnesses.


Common Reasons you should know
  • Chocolates
  • Fatty food (Desi ghee/ white butter exempted)
  • Oily /spicy food
  • All alcoholic drinks (Red wine is also bad)
  • Soft drinks (Limca, packed juices, carbonated jeera water are all bad)
  • Citrus foods /drinks
  • Food with tomatoes
  • Skipping meals
  • Sleeping late night
  • Staying awake at night
  • Stress
  • Drinking water before meals
  • Consuming tea /coffee after meals
Who should join the treatment sessions
  • If you have acute/ chronic constipation
  • If you have on and off Acidity
  • If you have Persistent vomiting
  • If you have Frequent heartburn
  • If your tummy has un-proportionately increased in past few weeks
  • If you have Sudden weight loss
  • If you have Difficulty in eating and swallowing
  • If you have persistent weakness without a diagnosed reason
  • If you have frequent headaches
Or your blood tests have any of the following:
  • Low calcium levels in the blood test
  • Low bone mineral density in the DEXA scan or in an X-Ray
  • H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) test positive
  • Hiatus Hernia
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Who should not join the treatment sessions

If the Acidity has been attributed to intestinal twist

Medical Yogic Therapy for Slip Disc (Disc Bulge/ Herniation/ Protrusion) - A Robust Cure

Medical Yoga Centre is known for its results. Our special M. Y. Techniques are excellent in treatment of Hyper acidity /GORD /Acid Reflux. We follow the the approach of correct Aahar-Vihar-Vichar to heal this problem.

M Y Techniques are technical yet simple. Results are visible from the first week of the treatment sessions.

A very important feature of the M Y Techniques is that you can practice most of it at home as well and save your precious time and visits.

A special sequence comprising of medically modified asanas is designed for Hyper acidity /GORD /Acid Reflux patient individually.

This sequence is then done with the help of Medical yoga props. We use props which are commonly available at home like pillows, chairs, stools etc. Props are appropriately used to make the 'Saadhaka' comfortable and gain from the posture. The asanas are aimed at restoring the normal secretion of the acid in the Stomach to cure the ailment.

Results you should expect
  • Relief in Heartburn
  • Relief from headache
  • Improved digestion
  • Relieved bloating/ indigestion
  • Overall health and flexibility of the body is improved
  • Reduced Stress
  • Normal secretion of the digestive juices
  • Improved energy levels
  • Strong digestion
  • Correct BMI
  • Resolved vomiting issue
  • Normal tummy size restored
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