Neck Pain ( Cervical Spondylitis )

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Cervical spondylitis and spondylosis are two different terms but are commonly used in place of each other. They produce similar symptoms and have similar causes.

All Neck pains are not cervical spondylitis. In almost half of the cases the problem is with the stiffness in the muscles of the cervical region.

Cervical spondylosis/spondylitis is a disorder caused by over-use, Mis-use or less-use of the structures in the neck (cervical). Due to this the ligaments, bones, cartilages, nerves, discs and muscles of the neck change their shape and strength. Bones become weak, irregular and develop spurs (osteophytes). Discs and muscles lose their flexibility and can pressurise the nerve.


In our daily life there are lot of reasons which can cause or trigger cervical spondylitis. These are:
  • Wrong posture
  • Long drives
  • Using high / hard pillow while sleeping
  • Wearing heavy ornaments
  • Wrong Breastfeeding posture
  • Using computer for over 30 mins at a stretch
  • Over use of mobile phones causes muscular imbalance in the shoulder joint and can lead to cervical spondylitis.
  • Trauma or injury in the neck
  • Frozen shoulder can also cause neck pain
  • Cold temperatures
  • Hyperacidity directly triggers neck pain
  • Stress
  • Heavy breasts
  • Lack of vitamin D and calcium
  • Faulty diet
  • Muscular imbalance (like using computer on the same side on your desk for many years).