A King’s Mattress

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A King’s Mattress

How to Sleep Like a King

We must have all read the story of The Princess & The Pea by Hans Christian Anderson. A princess was made to sleep on twenty mattresses covered with twenty quilts, but with a little pea placed at the very bottom. Did she get any sleep?


Importance of Sleep & Why Sleep is Restorative Improves cardiac health

The gap between two heartbeats (relaxation period of thecardiac muscle), the time in which the heart receives aits own blood supply for the next pump (contraction), is 0.83 seconds, making it 72 beats a minute. However, while sleeping, this would be around 63 beats a minute, i.e., 0.93 seconds. This would allow more time for relaxation between the beats and more blood supply to the cardiac muscle tissue.


Memory improves at night

Does this mean that better sleep equals better grades?! Well, science says, “Yes!” “During a night of sleep, some memories are strengthened.” Research has shown that memories of certain procedures,like playing a melody on a piano, can improve while you sleep. Memories seem to become morestable in the brain during the deep stages of sleep. After that, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep —the most active stage of sleep— seems to play a role in linking related memories, sometimes inunexpected ways. That is why a full night of sleep may help with problem-solving. REM sleep also helps you processemotional memories, which can reduce the intensity of emotions. So, it is not just for memoryimprovement, good sleep also settles your emotions. A night of good sleep is also therapeutic for your vital organs like kidneys, liver, spleen, intestines, pancreas, etc., in different ways. Sleep is when the body repairs itself.


Importance of Choosing the Right Mattress

From a person who has an all-day desk-job, to someone having to stand all day to supervise, or to someone taking a 24-hour-long flight, their posture is certainly very much affected. At the end of the day, the right mattress has the ability to help fix the posture to an extent, and also not allow it to deteriorate further.

How to Choose the RightMattress

Factor s to consider while choosing a mattress are

1.Thickness - Ideally the height of the bed should really be quite high! In such cases , the recommended height is a 4-5- inch (about 13-15cm)mattress.

- However, if you choose to have a low bed, choose a thickness of approximately 10-12 inches (25-30cm).

 2.Semi Hard - Semi Hard Mattressisthe most recommended.


Recommended Types of Semi-Hard Mattresses

A. Cotton Mattress - A cotton mattress, up to 3-5 months of usage, usually remains Semi Hard, after which it becomes compact and hard. If you choose to continue to use a cotton mattress, it is recommended to reweave it every 6 months.

B. Pure Latex Mattress - Latex is the purest form of rubber. This is a Semi Hard mattress which can be of two types, Pin Hole and Wide Hole. We recommend the Pin Hole Pure Latex mattress,however expensive it may be.

C. Bonded Foam - A Bonded foam mattress has a mix of 4 layers of coir and 4 layers of bonded foam. This is an affordable mattress. Based on different companies, usually bonded foam mattresses have paddings. This is most recommended for patients at Dr. Deepak Sachdeva’s Medical Yoga Centre. One side of the mattress padding is Semi Hard which is great for the spine. The other side of the bonded foam mattress is relatively softer and is meant for the other joints in the body. For example, if a knee patient sleeps on his abdomen during the night, a hard mattress can give him excessive pain between the patella and the femur; also, any person withshoulderpain can also experience a lot of pain while using a hard mattress. Most hotels and some homes have spring mattresses.

Can we use Spring Mattress/ Memory Foam Mattress?

In India Memory Foam Mattresses, or mattresses which take the shape of the body, are currently widely used. Since all these mattresses take the shape of the body, they curtail the body to fix posture whilst using the right mattress, and in some conditions could further deteriorate the posture.