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  • Management of knee pain at medical yoga centre
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  • 19-06-2019

The knee joint is the joint between thigh and shin bone. The knee joint is held together by different sets of muscles, which are over the thighs and over lower leg right up to the foot. All these muscles help in bending and extending the knee joint while walking, standing and sitting. Hence for treating the knee pain both sides (above the knee and below the knee) needs to be considered. In medical yoga centre, knee pain treatment starts from the periphery to centre so the treatment begins either from a foot or from the hip. In our yoga centre the first half of class starts from the stretches and posture of the lower extremities (below the knee joint) and the other half for the upper extremities (above the knee joint).

The aim of the yoga therapy is to establish natural and balanced movements of agonist and antagonist muscles. Stretches mentioned above helps in maintaining proper alignment of bones i.e. thigh, tibia, fibula and patella and helps in maintaining natural space within the joint. With stretching, the muscles get a good supply of blood and nutrition. Below have shown some basic postures taught in the class.