Ankylosing Spondylitis



sitting Urdhav Hast asana (with grill)

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Ankylosing spondylitis is also called as bamboo spine.
It's a form of chronic inflammation of joints in the spine and it's associated structures.
It usually starts from the sacroiliac joints which are below the waist line and above the tailbone. Inflammation in these areas causes pain and stiffness.

Over time, chronic spinal inflammation (spondylitis) leads to complete fusion of the sacrum and the iliac bone. This process of fusion spreads upwards in the spine and the facet joints of the spine and the bodies of the vertebrae also fuse with each other over the next few years.

It leads to loss of mobility of the spine.
It also spreads to the other joints like hip joints, shoulder joins, knee and elbow joins.
Ankylosing spondylitis is also a systemic disease. It can cause inflammation of the other organs, such as the eyes heart, lungs, and kidneys.


  1. Pain stiffnesss in the spine particularly in lower back and upper buttock area, neck, and the remainder of the spine.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. The onset of pain and stiffness is usually gradual and progressively worsens over months. Occasionally, the onset is rapid and intense.
  4. Reduced breathing capacity.
  5. Forward curvature of the upper torso.


  • It can be genetically inherited.
  • The HLA-B27 gene appears only to increase the tendency of developing ankylosing spondylitis, while some additional factors, perhaps environmental, are necessary for the disease to appear.

Medical Yoga Therapy - A Robust Cure

Medical Yoga Therapy addresses all these problems in this sequence:

  • Medical Yoga Therapy helps to dissolve the recent growth of the bones by using permissible range of motion of that particular region.

  • Medical Yoga Therapy halts the progress of the disease to quite an extent.

  • Medical Yoga Therapy helps to improve the flexibility of patient particularly in the cervical and lumber region.

  • This sequence of asanas stretches the joint capsules of shoulder and hip joints which are affected in the second phase of the disease.  It also removes the swelling from the extrimities if they are present.

  • This therapy halts and reverses the complications associated with ankylosing spondilities such as breathing problems, digestive disorders, cardiac conditions etc.

  • Because swelling is removed flexibility is improved and the health of internal organs is improved. Automatically the pain and stiffness caused by ankylosing spondilitis is effectively eliminated.

Sequence of Asanas

A special sequence comprising of asanas like:

  • Skandhabandha Asana,
  • Horizontal Arm Stretch,
  • Rope Jacket,
  • sitting Urdhav Hast asana (with grill)
    followed by Shavasana with cervical pillow/spinal roll.

Props are appropriately used to make the 'Saadhaka' comfortable and gain from the posture. The asanas are aimed at

  1. Immediate Pain Relief
  2. Restoration of range of motion of semi fused joints
  3. Expansion of the chest and restoration of the spinal curves.
  4. Complete posture correction
  5. Maintenance of the newly gained flexibility and overall health.

As patients suffer from pain and restricted motion, the asanas and therapies are done differently with use of props and belts to ease the poses and provide maximum benefit. These therapies should only be performed under an expert guidance to avoid any complications.

Testimonials Case-Studies