Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Yoga Anatomy Course
  • 30 hrs
  • 22 Jan '2018 - 27 Jan '2018

This is a bridge course especially designed for students with minimal knowledge of Yoga but aspiring to become efficient Medical Yoga Practitioners. The course aims to impart detailed knowledge of Classical yoga to the students and provide elementary knowledge of Medical Yoga Therapy.


We believe that it is our scientific approach to Yoga, the all-encompassing nature of the course and the vast range of situations that a student will be exposed to at the Medical Yoga(TM) Center that sets this course apart from others. For us, Yoga is not only for the people who are fit. It is more beneficial for those who want to attain fitness & deepen their yoga practice with correct scientific techniques. That is why in our Yoga Teacher Training course we train students to use props with our asanas. These props open up the world of Yoga to people who would not have been able to do these asanas otherwise.

“Great ideas, impressive agenda, excellent execution.”
           Prof. Dr D.P.Chaudhri, Howard University.

Course Highlights

  1. The entire Yoga Teacher Training course consists of 200+ hours of training in Yoga postures and philosophy.
  2. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the ongoing yoga sessions at the centre for hands on experience of conducting a yoga class. The course is not only instructive but is experience based too.
  3. In this comprehensive Yoga course students are taught a vast range of asanas and are also made aware of the exact effect each asana will have on the body.
  4. The use of yoga props during asanas is introduced.
  5. Students are encouraged to understand the implications of a yogic lifestyle and also adopt them personally.
  6. We study musculo-skeletal system in detail. This lays the foundation for your advance Yoga courses & therapy courses.
  7. Apart from the manual, a special workbook is given for home assignments and practise.

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Course Duration Dates Types Available seats
Yoga Anatomy Course 30 hrs 22 Jan '2018 - 27 Jan '2018 Regular (Weekdays) Apply Now
Yoga Anatomy Courses 30hrs 6 Nov' 2017 to 9 Nov' 2017 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED
Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course 5 Weeks 28 Nov'2016 - 31 Dec '2016 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED
Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course 5 Weeks 3 Apr '2017 - 5 May '2017 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED