Yoga Anatomy Certified Course

  • Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course
  • 5 Weeks
  • 28 Nov'2016 - 31 Dec '2016
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Yoga Functional Anatomy, conducted by Deepak Sachdeva himself – the Founder of Medical Yoga Centre s in Delhi, is the most comprehensive and interesting course for the yoga students and yoga trainers.

Yoga Functional Anatomy course is oriented to impart the knowledge of what happens to the bones, joints, muscles during the asana. It also helps you in diagnosing sing and correcting te shortcomings of asana's practicing. The asana animations and special workbook make it easier to understand. With years’ long yoga training experience, he teaches in unique engaging style. Yoga Anatomy jokes, yoga Anatomy quiz, yoga Anatomy games and lot of fun activities are made part of Yoga Functional Anatomy training course to keep the learning an interesting and engaging affair.

Course Objectives of Yoga Functional Anatomy course:

  1. To train the highly skilled yoga teachers with deep knowledge of therapeutic and restorative aspects of yoga.
  2. Lay the foundation for you to become a medical yoga therapist.
  3. Preventcommon injuries and misalignments during the yoga class.
  4. Professional development of the yoga teacher.

Course Highlights

  1. 180 bones (except skull)
    1. 55 + muscles
    2. Body movements
    3. Body reference terms etc
    4. Spinal column and inter vertebral disces
    5. treat calcaneus (heel) spurs with correct stretching.
    6. safety aspects allied to functioning of spinal column and inter vertebral discs during asanas
    7. Reasons for dangling in balancing pose and addressing the correct muscle group
    8. To teach about the knee joint
    9. understand why left knee meniscus tear is common in yoga practitioners.
    10. how to save the medial compartment in lotus position; and, how to prevent joint space in warriors and salutations.
    11. To introduce with importance of Sheershasana - king of asanas; it's anatomical implications on the body.
    12. To teach the use of 'Blood-on-demand' concept for asana sequence layouts for different conditions and goals- Asanas during periods, Asanas to improve sports performance, to improve sexual life, easy to do Asanas before, during and after meals...etc.
    13. Focus upon important points to achieve maximum backbend
    14. Fight or flight mechanism (stress).
    15. Effects of yoga practices in scientific studies thought xrays, MRIs, scans etc.
    16. importance of foot arches.
    17. Training for relieving the pinched Sciatic nerve in Periformis Syndrome to save the surgery.

There are numbers of other Medical Yoga secrets also, which you take away from this course as a Yoga Functional Anatomy expert – ready to take on professional challenges.

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Course Duration Dates Types Available seats
Yoga Anatomy Course 30 hrs 22 Jan '2018 - 27 Jan '2018 Regular (Weekdays) Apply Now
Yoga Anatomy Courses 30hrs 6 Nov' 2017 to 9 Nov' 2017 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED
Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course 5 Weeks 28 Nov'2016 - 31 Dec '2016 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED
Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course 5 Weeks 3 Apr '2017 - 5 May '2017 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED