Certified Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Course

  • Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course
  • 5 Weeks
  • 3 Apr '2017 - 5 May '2017

Mission Statement

The Medical YogaTM Association aims to prepare highly skilled yoga therapists who can bridge the gap between medical science and yogic science, who can understand pathophysiology of disorders and prescribe Medical YogaTM treatment based on their medical diagnostic reports. The association aims to also provide them support for establishing scientific Medical YogaTM Therapy Centres all over the world.

The Course

The Certified Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Course is a state-of-the-art intensive training course that enables students to pursue Medical YogaTM Therapy as an estimable career prospect or for one's own well-being. The course comprises of 450 learning hours of theory and practical sessions, OPDs and live project assignments. In addition students are given provision to avail 400 hours or 8 weeks of work experience in a real life OPD. Students get the benefit of years long traditional courses in this immaculately designed course of eight weeks duration.

The students are trained to understand modern medical diagnostics techniques the like MRI films, X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasound, CT Scans etc. They are guided to identify the underlying problem which is then treated through medically modified yogasanas. This is a unique part of our methodology.

Course Duration Dates Types Available seats
Yoga Anatomy Course 30 hrs 22 Jan '2018 - 27 Jan '2018 Regular (Weekdays) Apply Now
Yoga Anatomy Courses 30hrs 6 Nov' 2017 to 9 Nov' 2017 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED
Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course 5 Weeks 28 Nov'2016 - 31 Dec '2016 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED
Yoga Theapy Teacher Training Course 5 Weeks 3 Apr '2017 - 5 May '2017 Regular (Weekdays) ADMISSIONS CLOSED

Course Objectives

  1. To enable students to diagnose common medical disorders as well as intractable ailments with scientific knowledge of common diagnostic techniques including X-Rays, MRI’s, CT Scans, Blood Tests etc. Based on the assessment of these diagnostic techniques, students should be able to recommend a Medical YogaTM asana sequence for treatment in combination with chanting, mantras, guided relaxation followed by therapeutic meditation.
  2. To offer a career option that is financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.
  3. To provide an additional therapeutic technique to doctors to achieve effective results on their patients.
  4. To promote holistic health and to prevent and treat lifestyle disorders/diseases through yoga therapy and special techniques developed at the Medical YogaTM centre.
  5. To understand the scope and application through comparative analysis of alternative therapies vis-a-vis yoga therapy (by way of Medical YogaTM).


    The applicant may be an existing yoga practitioner, a medical or alternative therapy practitioner.
  1. A certified 200 hours yoga teacher or more OR A personal yoga practitioner for 2 years+ (self declaration needed)
  2. A healthcare practitioner OR An alternative therapy practitioner

If you are absolutely new to the practice of yoga and aspire to become a yoga therapist we would encourage you to attend our Yoga Teacher Training Course first.

Age is no bar for this course.

A basic understanding of the English language is a must.


  1. The course is for a duration of 8 weeks or 450 hours
  2. 8 weeks work experience of 400 hours is offered and strongly recommended for every student following the course to further hone their practice as yoga therapists in the real world environment.

Who is this course for?

The course is open for all adept and willing to learn Yoga Therapy. We have seen the following people making the most out of the course in the past:
  • Yoga teachers and professionals aiming to advance their careers as yoga therapists
  • Physical therapists wanting to add knowledge of traditional and advanced yoga therapy to their practice
  • Doctors who would like to integrate Medical YogaTM therapy techniques in their practices
  • Sportspeople who would like to gain fitness, strength, recover from or avoid injuries or those would like to pursue their careers as Medical YogaTM therapists
  • Existing yoga therapists to learn advanced therapy in alliance with modern medical diagnostic techniques
  • Alternative practitioners who would like to add a healing modality into their practice
  • Yoga practitioners wanting to treat and avoid injuries of their own or their students
  • Course Curriculum

    The course curriculum has been compiled to provide students with the holistic knowledge of
  • Yoga Anatomy and physiology
  • Yogic Therapeutic Meditation and Relaxation
  • Yoga Therapy for Specific Ailments – Pathology, Diagnosis and Ailments
  • Medical Science
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Ayurveda
  • This is to empower the student to reach his/her highest potential as a yoga therapist and run a successful yoga therapy centre by combining the knowledge of the above subjects. Medical understanding of the problem is an essential part of our curriculum. The students are trained to analyse results of techniques like MRI, X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasound, CT Scans etc. then treated through medically modified yoga asanas. This is a unique part of our methodology. In addition, the students get hands-on experience in a real life running OPD at the Medical YogaTM centre.

    How to Apply

    Please contact us at rise@medicalyoga.in. We will revert shortly.

    Required Documents on Approval of Application

    1. Receipt(s) of full payment of the course. If the fees has been paid via the Internet payment gateway, then documentary proof of the same.
    2. 2 passport size photographs (preferably with white background for your course certificate). Self-attested photocopy of passport and valid Indian visa for foreign nationals. Indian students need to submit photocopy of their residence proof.
    3. Photocopy of the qualification on the basis of which the student has applied for the course.

    To read in detail about our Certified Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Course click here to view our brochure.

    One-of-a-Kind Course

    Understand modern medical diagnostic techniques
    The students are trained to understand modern medical techniques the like M.R.I films, X rays, blood tests, ultrasound, C.T scans etc. They are guided to identify the underlying problem which is then treated through medically modified yogasanas. This is a unique part of our methodology.
    Treat people with general and chronic disorders
    Treat people for joint pains, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pains, cervical and lumbar spondylitis, heart ailments, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, ankylosing, Arthritis and more.
    Customise asanas
  • Learn how to customise asanas to treat different disorders to suit the individual under treatment.
  • Learn modified asanas and the effect each has on the body.
  • Analysis of the effect of each asana on muscles groups
  • In depth exploration of each asana and muscle set it directly affectsm
  • Learn how to avoid injuries during yoga practice
  • Hands on learning in a real life environment
  • Students are encouraged to participate in OPDs and practical sessions and learn through practical experience of diagnosis and treatment
  • Benefit of work experience in live OPD after completion of course. This two week work experience is optional but all students are encouraged to undertake it in order to gain exposure and confidence in a real life environment.
  • Highly experienced and acclaimed faculty
    Our faculty members are highly experienced and internationally acclaimed in their respective domains. Dr. Deepak Sachdeva is the lead faculty with 13 years of experience as a therapist treating general and complex diseases with more than 12000 successful cases so far across India, Dubai, Singapore, Germany and Australia. Know more about Dr. Deepak here .
    Research oriented
    Students are required to submit case studies on completion of the course.
    Business Skills Development
    A rare find in a yoga therapy course - students to organise a camp in which they learn how to run their own centre from scratch as a practical activity in a live project. Students learn all skills involved in running a centre starting from planning and marketing skills to attract customers, registration and handling of clients, pricing, their diagnosis and treatment to their follow up and retention.
    Professional case study
    Students will be required to submit three case studies in the three months following the course. The format of the case studies will be elaborated in the duration of the course.
    Complimentary retreat in Rishikesh at end of course
    The course is rounded off by a free retreat in Rishikesh, the cradle of yoga and the land of Gods.