Get cherry Lips through Omkar Chanting

OM or AUM is the universal sound that vibrates in the universe, it is called Pranav mantra. It is considered as a root mantra in all Vedas. All other words that we speak are the mixture of these three basic words A, U, M. Aum should be chanted for numerous numbers of times to get benefits; we can get many health benefits by chanting AUM. Aum chanting has become a cornerstone in the yoga therapy programmes for its outstanding benefits. Here have described the procedure of chanting AUM in a particular way for healthy lips. It is always advisable to chant in front of the teacher/yoga therapist as they will guide a person.



Wear comfortable and loose clothes.

The OM is chanted in the most comfortable posture either in padmasana, such asana or sidhanasa.

Place your hands on the thigh with palms facing upwards. Hold yoga mudra and close your eyes.

Sit erect by keeping your spine straight. Try to keep your whole body relaxed.

Initially, concentrate on your normal breathing, inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. OM has to be chanted during exhalation after a deep inhalation. Inhale slowly through your nose, once the lungs are filled exhale from your mouth chanting AUM.

While chanting AAAA focus on the area near you naval (Manipur Chakra), while chanting UUUU focus vibrations on your chest area (Anahata Chakra) and while chanting MMMM close your mouth by keeping a slight gap in your upper and lower lips and focus your attention on the throat and nose.


AUM chanting by this way will create vibrations in the outer layer of the lips which will increase blood flow towards the lips making them less dry; increases sensitivity and becomes more red. Along with this AUM, chanting gives calmness in the body, mind, and soul by merging the vibrations of the body with that of the universe. All Bhijmantras and mantras originate from it. We get symbolically and physically tuned to the sound and acknowledge our connections to all other human beings, nature, and the universe.

Omkar arouses and transforms every atom in the physical body, setting up new vibrations and conditions, and awaking the sleeping power of the body. By chanting AUM in this way, after few chants a person will start feeling their lips getting sensitive as the blood supply to the lips and cheek muscles will increase. You will be filled with new vigour and strength.

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